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Caluwé Artisan

A modern company crazy about “oldschool”

The Belgian pralines that Caluwé Artisan Chocolatier makes today are the result of almost 50 years of craftsmanship. When Georges and Julie Caluwé decided to start a small praline company in 1968, little could they have known that a few decades later Caluwé would be exporting to more than twenty countries.

Today the company is led by Koen Caluwé the grand son of George and third generation that runs the company. Traditional craftsmanship still has the place it deserves within contemporary production methods. Man and machine work together: only in this way can Caluwé Artisan pralines be given their authentic exceptional taste and refined finish. To keep this promise, Caluwé has a team of over 40 specialised employees, including several qualified chocolatiers. For example the making of the fillings is still genuine craftsmanship being done from raw materials by the in house chocolatiers. Although a lot has changed, the secret of Caluwé Artisan Chocolatier’s success lies in the craftmanship and passion for exceptional Belgian pralines.

High quality is important for Caluwé Artisan, which is reflected for example in the fact that all facilities are BRC certificated, but also in the origin of raw materials. They only uses Terra Cocoa, to make sure everybody wins. The cocoa is grown sustainably in rich soils along the equator. Caluwé Artisan cares for the environment.

With over 90 different chocolates Caluwé Artisan offers a wide range of exceptional Belgian pralines. From caramel and coffee, to fruit and marzipan, all flavors can be found in the range. And from small gift packages with 5 chocolates to large gift packages and even bulk packing. Caluwé Artisan offers products for everybody and all budgets and for each period off the year, with an all season line and a Valentine, Easter, End of year line.

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