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Relation Gifts

It is sometimes difficult to come up with an original gift. At Heritage Food Brands we offer various original gifts for every period of the year and for every budget. With Belgian pralines of Caluwé Artisan and Bear of Bruges, sweet biscuits from Maison Bruyère, cheese biscuits from Roka and Wieze beer we offer a wide range of high quality and delicious products. All our products are the result of years of craftsmanship and passion and you can taste it.

For companies we offer a fine selection of Premium relation gifts. Because all products come from our own brands, we can offer you a nice range of high quality specialty products at a favourable rate. In our brochure you can find our assortment Premium relation gifts (click here to see the brochure), we offer the Heritage Food Collection, Fine Food Collection and Indulge Food Collection. Prices and minimum order quantity for the premium relation gifts you can find here. There is a possibility to personalize the packages, for example with the company logo on it. If you are interested, please contact us.

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