Heritage Food brands is the commercial department of Oxygenium Holding.


Oxygenium Holding was founded by Peter Destrooper and Wim Van Roy in 2015.


Oxygenium is investing in companies who:
• Focus on high quality food.
• Have a strong heritage brand.
• Have a strong and professional team.
We respect our core values towards all stakeholders.


Oxygenium is focussing on Strategy and Growth and will assist the management in the spirit of active entrepreneurship.


The Food holding has the intention to create value within food companies by creating synergies within the sales network and supply chain.

Wim Van Roy
Wim Van Roy is an experienced business director within the food industry with a good track record in quality, procurement, operations and supply chain. Wim started his career in Savoury for Pringles. He had several management functions in the biscuit/chocolate industry at Jules Destrooper and was a part of the European Management Team in the seafood company Marine Harvest Europe. At Jules Destrooper, Wim worked together with Peter during 12 years in various management functions. Wim studied chemistry and engineering in Belgium, Ireland and The Netherlands.

Peter Destrooper
Peter is an experienced Entrepreneur and CEO in the Food Business with a good track record in Sales & Marketing, branding & general Management. During almost 30 years he built the family company Jules Destrooper starting in Sales & Marketing and the last 15 years as CEO. Peter created an excellent Sales Network and reputation worldwide. He has a strong competence as CEO for family owned food companies.

Blauwvoet 1, 8647 Lo Belgium